The excitement of starting a company

Leaving your job

As you leave your current job, handing in your keys and badge and walking across the parking lot, perhaps for the last time, everything looks brighter, everything looks better, everything is more exciting.

This is a special moment. Go out for a nice dinner to celebrate — it may be a while before you have another opportunity to do so. Take note of this day because it is the high mark for your optimism and energy.

Your first day

The first day of work at your company is amazing. You have so much energy, it’s incredible. You look at the clock. It’s only 8:30 am and you’ve already gotten your company’s server set up and on the internet. You work a little more and it’s only 9:00 am. You’d be in a meeting right now and look at how much you’ve done.

Before you know it, you’ve worked a 20 hour day and don’t even feel tired. You’ve done the work it would take 5 people a week to finish. You’re putting infrastructure together, learning new technologies, starting prototypes. You’re moving faster than you thought possible. This is one of the most exciting parts of starting a company.

How to spend your first month

A word of warning: this burst of energy will only last about a month. Use this time wisely. Identify your toughest problems and sketch out ways to solve them. Brainstorm. Chart out your company’s direction and your product roadmap. Draft high-level architectures. Learn new technologies.

Keep in mind, that you will be wrong. You may identify the wrong problems. You may learn the wrong technologies. You may overlook key parts of the architecture. That doesn’t matter. You will learn something at each point. Some of your prototypes will find their way into your product. Your general architecture will be right. You will find themes that run through your company and your products. But most importantly, you will have started something great, something that you believe in, something that could change the world.


About Rino Jose

Trying to find good ways to develop software.

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