I only have 104 days left to catch Chris Guillebeau!

Last week, Chris Guillebeau published and gave away a book called “279 Days to Overnight Success” in which he ostensibly describes the steps he took to make enough money to support himself through purely writing alone, but really describes how to increase your influence using social media. It’s a very interesting read. He provides revenue numbers if you’re curious. He also got a mention from Seth Godin (which is how I came to understand what all the tweets were all about).

Even though I don’t intend to live off of this blog (like I could 🙂 ), one piece of advice from Chris that I’ll follow right now is announcing a publishing schedule and (hopefully) sticking to it. So here goes: I will publish one new post to this blog each week by Sunday at midnight.

This post counts 🙂

BTW: I have a new name and theme in mind for this blog. However, I need a new picture. I could take one now, but I’m waiting for a sunny day…Hopefully, we’ll have one before I move to CA. 😐

UPDATE: OK, so I haven’t been posting to this blog once per week (or even once per month), but I have started another blog that I’m posting to every Monday through Friday. I’ve actually been more consistent here. I think the key is getting into a routine (once a week wasn’t frequent enough for that to happen for me). Anyway, if you’re interested here’s my new blog: Management Revolution. Thanks!


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