Happy Father’s Day

Fauxther’s Day

I actually thought Father’s Day was last week. I called my Dad and wished him a Happy Father’s Day. Places seemed emptier than usual because (I mistakenly thought) all of the fathers must have been grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. I saw a man and his father having lunch and thought, “That’s a nice Father’s Day lunch”. Fortunately, I didn’t try getting a free Father’s Day Sundae from Burgerville (don’t worry—I got mine today :-)).

It’s funny how your assumptions color what you see. This is particularly true if you’re an entrepreneur. Because there’s so much risk and uncertainty in starting a company, you almost have to be an optimist to keep going. You have to be able to find the bright side and focus on that to get you through.

Entrepreneurial Father’s Day Movies

I checked out two movies to watch this weekend. One was “Speed Racer” on a recommendation by a commenter on my last post (I very much enjoyed the movie. Not sure why it was so badly reviewed). The other was “Night at the Museum” (I don’t remember why I checked this one out).

Oddly enough, both movies featured fathers who were entrepreneurs. I knew Pops Racer was an entrepreneur. However, I didn’t know Ben Stiller’s “Museum” character, Larry, was also an entrepreneur. As my wife and I watched “Night at the Museum”, the comical scenes involving Larry’s past attempts at starting a company and developing products hit a little too close to home 🙂


My family and I went to Beaterville for brunch the day after Father’s Day. By chance, there happened to be both a “Speed Racer” sign and an Easter Island figure (which was in “Night at the Museum”) right next to each other! What is the Universe saying to this “DUM DUM”? That I’m on the right track? 🙂

Here’s Speed and Son #2:


And here’s the Easter Island figure right below:


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3 responses to “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Tivius says :

    ok —- THAT is just mystic~cool, man… lol.

    Gotta luv the Universe, eh? What a sense of PLAY.
    The fact that both fathers are in the movie are Entrepreneurs – as are you. Cool.
    Connections aplenty that you can relate to.
    (Even as I relate to the Racer family in my own way: My family has always been obsessed with Speed Racer. I actually drive a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon, decked out to resemble the Mach 5…… while my wife’s yellow and black ’06 Tib is working on looking like RacerX’s Shooting Star. Fact.)

    Like I said man… gotta luv it and have a sense of play. Life is an adventure! *grin*

    BTW — your son is a cute kid. Reminds me of my youngest!

    Hoorah for good things!

  2. Tivius says :

    oh — Happy (belated) Father’s Day!!

  3. Rino Jose says :

    Wow, you guys *are* big Speed Racer fans! It must look neat if you ever have to take both of your cars on a trip. You should post a picture somewhere. I bought the movie’s “End Credits” song and was playing it when I was driving our Prius. It made the car feel really slow 🙂

    Happy (very belated) Father’s Day to you, too! Sorry for the late response — I’ve been working non-stop for the past couple of weeks to get our house ready to sell. It’s amazing how much stuff there is to do. I guess all home improvement I put off for later has now caught up with me! Ugh.

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