Multi-level Vision

I remember watching a TED talk a while back where the speaker described how to represent data from different scales at the same time. The example had a picture of a house superimposed onto a street map superimposed onto a city map superimposed onto a country map, etc. It was hard to see all of this information at once, but occasionally you’d get flashes of how everything fit together.

Software architects have to do this all the time

One of the most important architectural skills is seeing through all of the layers of a piece of software at the same time. I don’t think you can be an effective architect without this. An architect has to know how a change in one layer will affect all the layers in a system. Often, something that makes sense in one layer is a terrible idea in another.

What makes this even more challenging is that each of these layers may involve different technologies. Not only must an architect have the vision to see potential problems, but they must do so in a way that holds multiple paradigms and structures in place simultaneously while threading multiple paths through all the layers. Occasionally, while doing this, an architect will see everything fall into place and have a momentary, deep insight into the entire system. The challenge then becomes capturing something coherent enough to act on before the insight vanishes.

It requires lots of practice and experience to develop this kind of multi-level vision. I don’t think you can learn how to do this casually—it’s something that you have to work at for a long time. How long? I think the current rule of thumb is for about 10,000 hours.


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