Started another blog called “Management Revolution”

I went on a sales call last week for our product Lakeway Frontier and was reminded of something that one of our first users pointed out to me: Frontier supports a methodology for how you manage engineering teams — but you have to adopt the methodology first.

I was kinda hoping the value of the methodology would be self-evident 🙂

I’ve come to this way of managing teams after a decade of observation on how engineering teams function: what happens when they run great, and what happens when they go wrong. I’ve been fortunate to have had several teams of my own on which to test out ideas on how to better manage organizations. Lakeway Frontier is a product that captures what I’ve learned and automates away the most tedious, onerous work involved in managing projects and teams.

I guess I’ve been thinking about these things for so long, that they’ve become second nature to me. I forget that for most people, these ideas represent a paradigm shift in engineering management, albeit one that has tremendous potential for improving execution, accelerating decision-making, and reducing workplace stress. Since, in effect, what I’ve been trying to do to this point is lead a management revolution, let’s just call it that.

I’ve started a blog called “Management Revolution” that will have daily posts on what needs to change in order for organizations to run better, especially engineering groups. I hope you find it useful.


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Trying to find good ways to develop software.

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