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Since I last blogged…

Just looked at my last blog post and saw the date was Apr 9, 2010. That’s almost  9 quarters. Since I last blogged, here are some of the things I’ve done and learned about myself:

  • Shut down my first startup
  • Got a job at LinkedIn in the mobile team
  • Helped rewrite LinkedIn’s mobile server from the ground up in node.js
  • Learned Clojure (and love it)
  • Went from SW Eng to Eng Manager (again)
  • Got a ton of experience running (and troubleshooting) servers at internet scale
  • Learned that internet companies go much, much faster than other types of software companies
  • Learned that some of management advice I’ve been giving in Management Revolution doesn’t apply when companies move really fast
  • Found that under stress, I get angry (you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry)
  • Found that I really like writing software and I really like being in a leadership role
  • Found that I seem to have a knack for winding up in leadership roles even when I don’t seek them out (or even want them at times)
  • Found that I like the role of “ronin warrior” than samurai
  • Found that if I drink too much tea and not enough coffee, I get too mellow
  • Found that after two years, there’s still not a good tool for managing groups of people across multiple projects
  • Selling to enterprise customers sucks
  • Getting individuals to try a product is much easier than getting a group to try a product
  • It’s impossible to convince someone to change how they work
  • I love my iPhone thousands of times more than my Android.
  • I want to try starting another company