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Doing one thing at a time

So I was at Nice Rice to pick up a snack for me and my wife. I like going there because it’s nearby and the owner is there a lot — when the owner is cooking the food, you know it’s gonna be good. The owner was there this evening.

As I entered the restaurant, I passed another guy (who must have also been ordering something for himself and his wife). Approaching the counter, I saw the owner finishing up this guy’s order. I don’t know why, but I kind of expected him to stop chopping up the chicken, take my order, and then finish. He didn’t do that. He glanced up briefly and said that he would be with me in a moment, and then returned to what he was doing.

While I was waiting, I thought about what had just happened. The owner could’ve stopped what he was doing and taken my order (why not make sure he got another sale?), but he was in the middle of cooking a meal and was focused entirely on that. I have to say I respect that. Too often, you see people running around between a bunch of tasks, not doing any of them well. It’s far better to focus on one thing at a time and do excellent work.

The Korean beef (bulgogi) and broccoli I ordered was absolutely delicious.