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Thinking about replacing your light fixtures?

First of all, just do it! Changing your lights can make a huge difference in your living space for little cost. As home improvements go, I’d rank it right after fresh paint in terms of bang for your buck. For some reason, though, it’s hard to get motivated enough to do. You have to go the hardware store, you have to pick the lights, you have to find your screwdrivers, you need to figure out which fuse goes to each light, you have to steel yourself for the inevitable surprises when the old lights come down. Ok, there are lots of reasons it’s hard to get motivated, but do it —just do it; it’s worth it.

This weekend, I replaced our outdoor lights and two sets of track lights. Each round, of course, had its own challenges. One’s mounting box had to be rotated 90 degrees for the new light. Fine. Just take the nails out, rotate it, and then put the nails back in. One mounting box was broken and wouldn’t hold a screw (so that’s why the light was always leaning!). Fine. Go to Home Depot, buy a new one and replace it. One didn’t specify which drill size to use for the sheetrock anchor. Fine. Drill a hole in the box it came with, and see what works. I’ve got several more lights waiting, several more “fines” to come.

But that’s ok. At the end of the day (literally), things look brighter (literally) 🙂